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Most employers run criminal background checks on applicants prior to consideration for hire.  Fortunately, Nevada law allows those that did not obtain favorable results in a criminal case to petition to have the record sealed.  After a record is sealed, a petitioner may apply for jobs with the confidence of knowing that the vast majority of employers will be unable to find or view their criminal record.  Holt Law Group has an experienced, dedicated and resilient attorney and legal team ready to assist you in moving on with your life and getting the job you deserve.  Our record seal service includes obtaining certain documents in preparation of filing the petition, filing the properly drafted petition with the court, obtaining the court order sealing your criminal record, and serving the proper agencies with the court order.  We will also provide direction and easy instructions for you to obtain the materials that you are required to retain. 


We also offer payment plans to assist you in starting the process as quickly as possible.  Our record sealing service starts at $649.00 (in addition to court filing fees and costs).


Call today for a free consultation to find out if you’re eligible for record sealing.

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